‘I WALKED ABROAD’ – October 19th, 2016 – available now at:
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200-pg-coverSwedish nyckelharpa player Anna Gustavsson and American fiddler and banjo player Laurel Premo have forged a collaboration that weaves together the driving dance-based music traditions from their home countries. With great technical skill and creative sensitivity, Premo & Gustavsson draw not only from deep roots but also their adventuresome musicality as 21st century musicians. With fiddle, claw hammer banjo, nyckelharpa, and occasional bi-lingual vocals, the new album from Premo & Gustavsson ranges from polskas and reels that one might hear floating in the air at a traditional music festival to long, haunting, cinematic-feeling meditations. The album title, “I Walked Abroad,” comes from the name of a Sacred Harp hymn featured in their collection.

You can watch a short movie about the creation of the album here on the Kickstarter page for our past fundraising campaign.

Track Listing:

1. Slängpolska från Östra Ryd
2. Stay All Night
3. I Walked Abroad
4. Atlantic Waltz
5. Premolska
6. Tåget
7. Sally in the Garden
8. Empty House Waltz
9. Hemresan
10. Hannah at the Springhouse
11. Omvända Vallåtspolskan
12. Nostalgipolska
13. Lär mig, du skog
14. Short One
15. Fine Times at Our House
16. Polska av Viktor Gabrielsson